The most prestigious houses in Calvados

Père Magloire, Boulard, Lecompte

Père Magloire,
200 years of expertise

Founded in 1821, Père Magloire is one of the most ancient and most rewarded among the greatest Houses of Calvados. Embodied within the French national heritage, Père Magloire is the leading brand in the world.

The world's finest Calvados

Founded in 1825, by producing exclusively Calvados pays d’Auge, Boulard establishes itself as the reference for connoisseurs and mixologists throughout the world.

Lecompte, Le Calvados

Founded in 1923, the House of Lecompte is the Calvados brand for connoisseurs. Leaning on its unique craftmanship, Calvados Lecompte offers to the palate the quintessence of Calvados Pays d’Auge. The Brand Lecompte is very proud of being presented and served in the world’s most prestigious and exclusive places.